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Create perfect images in perfect settings to convey your professional or personal story. You may already have a place in mind. Otherwise you can use our location scouting service to find one.


The right words will leap off a page right into your audience's mind. Work with us to create the message that you need.


Your story must "stick" in your audience's mind long after they have seen your message. the images and text are gone. We'll help you create something memorable that leads to your desired business outcomes.


recent publications

You can read recent essays about contemporary and historical non-fiction in "The Metuchen Times" a semi-monthly journal published by author Robert Kaplow. 

2023-and ongoing


Travel with me for three weeks and see Japan. Face off with a Star Wars battalion in Tokyo. Climb on Mt. Fuji. Sleep in a Buddhist Temple in remote Mt. Koya. ... all from the comfort of your browser.

Scheduled for 2024

Within 10 KM (6.2 miles)

How many interesting things can you find within 10 kilometers (10 km) of a suburban doorstep?

Quite a number... actually

Scheduled for 2024


Richard D. Herring spent several decades creating content that tells complex stories in simple ways, and making electronic products that are easy for all of us to use.

He has contributed to some of the largest and most respected companies in the Fortune 500, the U.S. Military, educational research, financial services, and the emerging field of digital health.

He is an accomplished photographer, has exhibited in juried shows in Princeton, NJ and elsewhere in the NY/NJ Metro area.

AT&T/Bell Labs
Audible and Amazon Company
Merrill Lynch / Bank of America
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
ZS and Medullan Digital Health Care


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